Seinto Seiya: Knights Of The Zodiac - Season 1


Seiya is an orphan child that was sent to the Sanctuary of Athena in Greece, where he underwent training to become one of the Saints of Athena. Years later, after gaining possession of the Pegasus Cloth, a mythical armor protected by said constellation, he returns to Japan and meets up with Saori Kido. Kido is the granddaughter of the late Mitsumasa Kido, the man that sent Seiya to Greece, separating him from his sister Seika. Seiya intends to find his sister who disappeared the day he left, but Saori makes a deal with him: if he competes in the Galaxian Wars and wins, she'll help him find Seika. The Galaxian Wars is a tournament organized by the Kido Fundation, in which the Bronze Saints, all of them orphans like Seiya that were sent to different parts of the world to train and earn their cloths, must fight each other, the prize being the Sagittarius Gold cloth. Seiya agrees to participate just to be able to find his sister. However, the tournament is interrupted and the Sagittarius Cloth gets stolen. Seiya must then team up with Cignus Hyoga, Dragon Shiryu and Andromeda Shun, to recover it and prevent its power from being used for evil. From then on, the Bronze Saints will unite their efforts as they discover their true mission: protect the goddess Athena, who reincarnates to guard the Earth from the rage of other Olympian gods that try to take over it and destroy human race.... Show more

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Countries: Japan
Release: 1986-10-11
IMDb Rating: 8.5