On Wings of Eagles


Eric Liddell - the first gold medalist in China and one of the greatest athletes in Scotland - is returning to war-torn China.

There is probably nobody today who would not have heard about the famous On Wings of Eagles. Even if the viewer does not like Drama type of movies, he/she will watch the whole movie and enjoy it. It's really hard to distinguish the good from the good. Best of all, you need to find out what makes this important. Writing, directing, cinematography and taking into account the effect of taking into account. There are some stages in this movie that I will remember until death. On Wings of Eagles starts very innocently. What determines the phenomenon of this movie? It's realism, taking care of psychological probability?. You can watch On Wings of Eagles online on this website without ads.... Show more

Release: 2017
Duration: 96 min
IMDb Rating: 7